Bled the village of Slovenia that looks like something out of a fairy tale

The enchanted Lake Bled in Slovenia

Slovenia shows Bled city paradise

Slovenia, is a sovereign country of Central Europe, member of the European Union. It limits with Italy to the west; with the Adriatic Sea, to the southwest; with Croatia to the south and east; with Hungary, to the northeast; and with Austria, to the north. Slovenia has a population of only 2 047 000 inhabitants.

The Slovenian village of Bled, with its island, where there is an old church and a historic bell which is given ‘magical powers’, its impressive natural surroundings, its views of the mountains, the green-blue waters of its lake and its castle located on a gigantic rock, it seems to come from a fairy tale, and its beauty is gaining worldwide fame through social networks

So, Instagram has proclaimed Bled as the prettiest town this summer.

“We are very happy and grateful that Instagram considers Bled the most beautiful city this summer, but we are not surprised,” the team from the Slovenian Tourist Office (OTE) told Efe from Ljubljana, the capital of this small country. located in the heart of Europe. And “we are not surprised,” they commented, “because we believe that Bled is a small piece of paradise on Earth, not only in the summer, but throughout the year.”

So, today travelers who visit the capital of this country, can not resist making the journey of the fifty kilometers that separate them from this enclave dream, where about 5,000 people live.

Slovenia, located between the Alps, the Mediterranean Sea, the Carso plateau with its more than 11,000 karst caves and the Panonia region, rich in healthy water sources, is the first country according to the criteria of the Green Destinations organization declared a green destination . And Ljubljana, which is only 93 kilometers away from Trieste (Italy) was awarded the European Green Capital title in 2016.

Bled is like a summary of all that natural beauty, apart from being located among the most spectacular alpine resorts in the world, it is a place famous for its warm climate and the waters of its thermal springs.

The magnificence of the mountains reflected in the lake, the sun, the stillness and the fresh air awaken absorbing sensations in the visitors throughout the year, guaranteeing an ideal foundation, a relaxing rest or a vacation full of activities.

Stroll along the bluish green surface of the lake that surrounds Bled, visit its island covered in lush vegetation, walk through the gorge of the wild Radovna River, descend to a mysterious karst cave, climb the surrounding hills and plateaus or enjoy the nature of the Park Triglav National are some of the plans to be made.

In this alpine lake is the only Slovenian island, which can be visited in a traditional wooden boat called pletna. In the island the church of the Assumption of the Virgin predominates, whose bell of the XVIth century, according to the local legend, if it is touched by the visitor and this one requests a desire, it will become a reality to him.


The castle, unmissable visit

Another of the unmissable visits is the one of the castle located on a cliff of 130 meters of height and from which the whole lake is contemplated. A place very used for weddings and parties of good level and, without a doubt, the best point to take a panoramic of fantasy.

The Castle of Bled with its brushstroke of magic, architecture and history, as well as monuments, churches and galleries with exhibition and sale items, help the traveler to become familiar with the other side of this city, the people, their work and its creations, the people who have made Bled the city of Slovenia that is known today.

In addition to marveling at the natural views, architecture, craftsmanship or carriage rides along the lake’s edge, another attraction of this city is its sweets, especially the kremna rezina, a cream and puff pastry typical of the area .


Well defined plan

“We want to position Slovenia as a boutique and green destination for the discerning visitor, the one looking for five-star experiences,” they say in the Slovenian Tourist Office.

To achieve this goal they are working on a promotion plan related to social networks and especially to Instagram, the fastest growing, which already has more than 700 million users.

So this guest, to know Slovenia -a nation that in 1991 was separated from the now-defunct Yugoslavia- especially influential groups that are closely linked to issues such as sustainable tourism and the outdoors, cooking and cultural tourism.


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