The smallest, little known and unexplored islands of the Caribbean

little known and unexplored islands of the Caribbean
The Cayman Islands

The smallest and most unexplored islands

Unexplored islands with unrivaled beauty, where relaxation and rest are the perfect gift for your body, giving free rein to the imagination and where disconnecting from the real world are a privilege. The following is a tour of 5 of the smallest and most unexplored islands of the Caribbean that are very attractive.


Petite Martinique

Geographically, it is part of the San Vicente and the Grenadine islands, but, with its neighbor Carriacou, it was united to Granada in the 70s. Its inhabitants do not reach the thousand and have African, English and French ancestry. They are unexplored islands and little visited by tourists.

In this region they speak both English and an old French. Despite its small size, the island has some infrastructure: accommodation, a supermarket and several providers to navigate and dive. The tourists are few, and the islanders live mainly from the construction of boats and fishing. They share their traditions with visitors, such as weddings and the launching of a boat to the rhythm of big drum bands, local music.

How to get?

By plane from Granada in 20 minutes flight to Carriacou and then by boat; or on the ferry, which connects the three islands in an hour and a half.


2.-Cayman Islands


British overseas territory consisting of three islands, between Cuba and Honduras. Brac is the most withdrawn of Grand Cayman, the main island. It is also from the unexplored islands least visited by tourists and the most interesting in natural terms.

Your map looks like a thick pencil: it measures 20 kilometers long by something less than two wide. Through this territory there are trails and native forests that form circuits for bird watching and some of the last specimens of iguanas of the Cayman, subspecies of the Cuban iguana in danger of extinction. The walks can reach the summit of The Bluff, the highest point of the archipelago (43 meters). Brac is a paradise for diving and snorkeling. Its coast is formed by coral reefs, the habitat of a great variety of fish and turtles.

How to get?

Cayman Brac is 145 kilometers from Grand Cayman. The best way to get there is by air. From the main island, light aircraft depart several times a day.


3.-San Vicente


It is the smallest and most unexplored island of the Grenadines and is located at equal distance from Granada and San Vicente. It has only one town without a name of 300 inhabitants. However, it has some infrastructure to receive tourists. Despite the few connections with the rest of the Grenadines (which make it advisable to avoid a trip in hurricane season, since there is no way to organize a quick evacuation), visitors come from all over the world to discover this corner of the Caribbean.

A chapel located on a hill is the main attraction of the walk, a place chosen for exotic marriages. Another attraction is the practice of snorkeling and diving in the waters of the neighboring Tobago cays, small uninhabited lands where nature remains unspoilt. Without a doubt this is the most unexplored islands for rest.

How to get?

The closest airport is on Union Island, from where you can arrive by boat. Ferries connect Mayreau with San Vicente several times a week. The trip lasts three to three and a half hours.



Les Saintes

They are the smallest unexplored islands of all that French archipelago. Only two of the nine islets are inhabited, by descendants of settlers arrived from France during the seventeenth century.

The main island is La Baie des Saintes – on Terre-de-Haut, – it is part of the World’s Most Beautiful Bays Club, the association created in Berlin to which 29 sites from 23 countries belong. Only 10 are located in America, among them the Valdés peninsula, in Chubut, and Praia do Rosa, in Santa Catarina (Brazil). The Saintes are of volcanic origin, and the highest summit, also on Terre-de-Haut, exceeds 300 meters.

The walks along the trails lead to the summit, crossing forests where it is possible to see iguanas, agoutis (species of rodents) and various kinds of birds. But the main attraction of the island are its coast and its beaches. One of the most beautiful is that of Pompierre. The main museum is Fort Napoleon, a 19th-century fortress that recreates local history.

How to get?

There is a daily ferry service from Trois-Rivières, in Guadeloupe. There are other connections from Guadeloupe, Marie-Galante and Martinique. Terre-de-Haut has an airfield to which private planes arrive.



Located to the south of the Franco-Dutch island of San Martin, it has two records to its credit: it is at the same time the smallest of the islands of the Dutch Caribbean and is the highlight of the Netherlands, thanks to its mountain, the Monte Scenery (887 meters).

Saba is 26 kilometers from Statia and 45 kilometers south of Saint Maarten. It lives mainly from tourism to serve about 25,000 visitors per year. Tourists do not arrive in search of beaches, because the island does not have a single one. This is from the unexplored islands with more silence and relaxation.

It is surrounded by high cliffs, and to reach the “capital”, The Bottom, you had to climb a staircase of 800 steps before. Everything that arrived on the island had to pass by, until a route was completed in the 1940s. However, that is not why the ladder stopped being used. Now it is a tourist icon and a must during the walks to discover the striking dwarf tropical forest that covers the slopes of the Scenery with a dense but low vegetation.

If your intentions are to rest without the bustle of the big tourist centers, do not hesitate to visit one or all of these 5 unexplored Islands and renew energies.

How to get?

There are ferries and flights from Saint Maarten. Its airport is considered one of the most difficult in the world. In spite of everything, there have never been accidents since its commissioning in 1963.


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