How to enjoy the charms of the first submarine hotel in the world

Submarine hotel in Maldives

Get to know the first submarine hotel in the world

The submarine hotel that opens this November “Muraka”, is a luxurious bungalow that allows you to sleep five meters below the sea surface. Its construction has been about 15 million dollars and the price per night amounts to 50,000 dollars. The Muraka promises a unique experience that is not available anywhere else in the world.

At this underwater hotel, located in the Maldives, guests will have at their service four waiters, who live in a nearby structure, guaranteeing a service 24 hours a day, a chef, a physical trainer, jet skis and a 90-minute spa service. day.

The exclusive accommodation consists of two floors. In the second, there are two rooms with private bathroom, gym, lounge, kitchen, bar and a dining room with excellent views to watch the sunset, there is also an endless pool.

Sleeping underwater

Exotic underwater hotel with enough capacity to accommodate nine people and has different common areas such as a gym or rooms for hotel staff. The part of the suites are completely submerged, only the glass dome is what separates them from the environment. However, privacy is not a problem, unless fish and other marine species make you feel uncomfortable. In addition, this villa is removed from the rest of the complex. Even so, not all the action happens underwater. The upper floor has two bedrooms, a bathroom with a bathtub overlooking the sea, a terrace that shows the sunset and an infinity pool.

This intimate contact with the sea was one of the biggest problems during the planning and execution of the work that gives rise to the first submarine hotel in the world. The architect who signs the work Ahmed Saleem, points out that the first challenge was to achieve adequate lighting that allowed observing the entire seabed. “We could not use bright colors or variations of white, since that would reflect too much and would impede the underwater experience,” the architect noted. Saleem also worked in conjunction with marine biologists to ensure that the villa would have no impact on the surrounding corals.

The submarine hotel is a 600-ton construction, it was built on land in Singapore, mounted on a crane and transported on a specialized boat that could anchor near the reef and submerge the suite in the ocean.

In addition to this underwater experience, the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island, owner of the underwater hotel, ensures a luxurious stay. That is why the guests that book the villa are taken to their own private jetty and are picked up in a motorboat that is delivered for the rest of their stay. The suite itself is set apart from the rest of the villas and the bungalows above the water so that its residents do not have to see other humans, or set foot on solid ground, during all their vacations.

If you want an exotic vacation, book your trip to know the only submarine hotel in the world that is located in the Maldives.

However, this incredible underwater work is not the first in the world, because in 2014 its creators opened the first underwater restaurant called Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, and in Dubai houses are already sold under the sea.


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