The archipelago of Svalbard the kingdom of the polar bear

The Svalbard archipelago is home to polar bear
The Svalbard archipelago is home to polar bear

The archipelago of Svalbard, is located on the route between Norway and the North Pole where it houses an arctic natural paradise, made up of numerous islands. The Svalbard archipelago is home to reindeer, foxes and the imposing polar bear.

A huge and imposing silhouette contrasts with the infinite layer of snow that takes over the northern part of the European continent. His steps are slow, but he never stops. He wanders with confidence and confidence as if he knew that white landscape that seems to repeat itself kilometer by kilometer in the Svalbard archipelago . He is the master of the land and sea of ​​this region, known as ‘The polar bear kingdom’ .

Location of the Svalbard archipelago

Svalbard is an archipelago located in the Arctic Ocean. There, although there are settlements inhabited by man, the protagonism is found in the local fauna. Foxes, bears and reindeer appropriate the place throughout the year. Each of these species is counted in thousands and to ensure their survival the state authorities have decided to protect almost two thirds of the 61,045 kilometers it has surface.

An immense group of islands make up Svalbard, being the Isle of the Bear, Hopen and Spitsbergen the only three in which man lives. In the latter is the largest settlement in the archipelago, Longyearbyen , which, with a little over two thousand inhabitants, is the seat of the municipal government.

It is there where the colors take over the landscape. Green, red and blue are concentrated in the city. Sometimes both colors appear in buildings of no more than two floors. There are ways in which the lines of the tires are printed on the thin layer of ice on which cars, trucks loaded with minerals and crude and even the odd & nbsp; Svalbard reindeer, one of the smallest of this species.

Those spaces in which man has not built roads are frequently traveled by sleds pushed by between six and ten trained dogs. The screams and pulls of their drivers point to fate, and while they do so, intruders with huge black eyes often appear. It is the arctic fox , whose tender face is more reminiscent of a stuffed figure than a carnivorous canine that hunts small mammals and birds , and that sometimes feeds on bodies lifeless polar bears.

Svalbard is a unique and particular place. It has three seasons : polar summer (May-September), winter aurora borealis (October-February) and sunny winter (March-May). Sunny seasons are preferred by tourists for hiking, walking or sledging , around some of the most populated islands.

When the darkness falls from the sky, between the months of October and January, these small cities become romantic stages loaded with lights of the best sushi restaurants in the country . It is a tradition to attend social and cultural events in this period, considered by many to be the best of the year.

Some people say that in this area & nbsp; there are more snowmobiles than people . It is not farfetched, since from the sky the communities that have settled there since the end of the 19th century look like small portions of flickering light, while around them, & nbsp; dozens of species coexist in the wild , camouflaged under the white blanket of snow that expands over the ocean and the earth.

How to get there?

First, you must arrive at the Oslo-Gardermoen Airport. Once you are in the Norwegian capital, you can take a flight to the island of Tromsoya and there one to the Svalbard airport.

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